“Robotic Agrosystems” company is the largest operator providing professional services using spraying drones in Ukraine, as well as in other European countries.

"In three years, the company's fleet has grown from 2 drones to 100 units. During the season, such a fleet will allow to cultivate more than 500,000 hectares of crops."

The company started its business in 2019 and became one of the fastest-growing market players. Three years ago the company owners bought the first 2 agricultural drones - and in 2022 the fleet consisted of over 100.

Over the season such a fleet allows applying various fertilizers and chemicals to more than 500,000 ha of crops, which constituted 50% of market number in 2021. Last season “Robotic Agrosystems” handled around 100,000 ha of land, taking the leading position on the market.

As a service business, “Robotic Agrosystems” specializes in applying the widest possible range of pesticides. High-productive technologies of XAG brand that are used by the company result in high rates of effectiveness. Over 90% of the fleet is XAG brand, including the flagship model of 2022 XAG V40, a novelty model XAG P40, as well as tried and tested model XAG XP 2020.

The company’s office is located in Ternopil, whereas 50 mobile teams can provide services in all regions of Ukraine. One team equipped with two spraying drones can move within 1,000 km diameter in one day. Our certified drone operators and a flawlessly-established working process in fields ensure swift and effective application of plant protection products in any part of Ukraine.

The company sets high standards of doing business on a completely new market by both growing the number of drones in the fleet, and improving the quality of work with clients.

There is the company’s own maintenance department at the office that guarantees the quickest service of drones’ repair and maintenance during the busiest periods of agricultural season.